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As late as in 2010 two college friends upgraded their Internet hobby and set up an open website for selling used VHS and DVD’s. Besides advanced Internet programming, they were movie lovers and had plaint of used DVDs and VHS tapes around; relatives and friends willingly gave them away.

Surprisingly to them, they got customers! They were selling old movies but some of them were good and rare ones. And these guys were good enough to make them visible through the Internet. That wasn't too hard if you knew a bit how Internet works but two facts astonished these college students: they were taking sales away for giants online vendors (most of the movies were also sold by Amazon and iTunes at higher prices) and, amazingly, some people didn’t mind to make a phone call to place an order.

This was a huge incentive to keep on going. They quickly found a couple of dealers eager to get rid of unsold movies. In just two weeks they multiplied by 100 the number of titles sold. Sales didn’t growth at the same rate but they made their first investment in an online advertising campaign: $100! It pays off. Before MoviGalore made its first anniversary it had signed two reselling agreement with largest distributors of Hollywood movies and hired a callcenter operator to handle their customers calls! And movies at sales and customers calls kept on growing.

To face this never resting growth they continuously changed and upgraded their website... hosted in a refurbished PC in a basement.

Obviously, they had to face many challenges and stress become their partner. They were lucky enough to successfully manage these challenges but they were clever enough to discover the origin of all their problems: they were always growing. More movies, more calls and more customers.

So they stopped and question: do we give it up or do we get fully into this? They already knew that, although a prosperous business, its size would be appealing for anyone to buy it.

So they decide to keep having fun and got deeper into MovieGalore.

In 2015 Movie Galore fully redesigned its look and its backup coding architecture transformer the old homemade website into a full ecommerce platform that holds today’s sate of the art security and payments features present in the biggest online vendors.

And it has more and better movies! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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